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    Support For Your Committee - Handicap/Match Convenor

    A half day workshop, delivered by Scottish Golf Handicapping Expert Kevin Weir & the Scottish Golf Club Development Team, to support the Handicap/Match Convenor and their team to employ best practice in delivering the fair and equitable handicap system unique to golf that allows everybody to compete on a level playing field. 


    The fixture list at your club is a crucial part of the enjoyment of your members. It is the handicap system that allows players of differing golfing abilities, both men and ladies alike, to compete against one another on a fair and equitable basis, and provides a unique attraction to golf where golfing novices or beginners can compete fairly against experienced golfers. Whoever administers the handicaps at your club, it is clearly important to achieve consistency through the application of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System rules, which gives all of your members an equitable chance of winning any competition(s) in which they compete. This education seminar is, therefore, designed to provide new/existing Handicapping Convenors  & other key personnel with guidance on how to administer the handicap system fairly and equitably for all members.


     Aims of this professional development workshop

    • To establish the roles and responsibilities of CONGU, the Golf Union, the Local Association, the Club, and the Handicap Committee in the administration of your member’s handicaps.
    • To understand the responsibilities of your members in relation to their individual handicaps.
    • To employ best practice when running Qualifying Competitions for handicapping purposes.
    • To learn key aspects of the CONGU System to help you administer competitions, in particular when faced with challenging conditions such as adverse weather.
    • To establish the various formats of Qualifying Competitions for CONGU Handicap purposes.
    • To cement the Match Committee role within the clubs aim of servicing the membership.


    Presenter and Materials –

    This seminar will be delivered by Scottish Golf’s Handicapping expert, Kevin Weir, plus the  Scottish Golf Club Development team. You will leave the seminar with best practice, and access to further documentation and support from golfs governing bodies.


    Target audience for this workshop -

     This seminar is open to all involved in administering handicaps within golf clubs – both new and long-standing conveners as well as all staff with competition/handicapping duties.


     How do I book a place on this workshop ?

    This workshop is open to all clubs affiliated to Scottish Golf at £ 99 for two delegates per club. You may register your interest in attending this seminar by clicking in the box near our "Scottish Golf" logo on this website, and following the instructions on the top left of this screen. You will receive an email acknowledging your interest, and when sufficient demand has been reached to deliver this seminar, Scottish Golf will contact you and provide at least four weeks’ notice of the date and venue of the workshop.

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