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    Support For Your Committee - Clubhouse Covenor

    A one day workshop, delivered by experts in clubhouse management & the Scottish Golf Club Development Team, to support the Clubhouse Convenor to employ best practice in managing catering, bar and clubhouse maintenance.


    The subject most discussed at a golf club committee meeting is often the clubhouse and specifically the catering. The skills required to manage a profitable food and beverage service within a golf club are rarely recognised, understood, or valued, which frequently leads to unrealistic demands being placed on the staff.


    The challenge to try and satisfy all of the people, all of the time and return a contribution to the club is universal and unending, with every club facing the same problems on a daily basis.


    This seminar will assist Clubhouse Convenors and those responsible for the day-to-day operations in the clubhouse to prepare together for the challenges, and provide guidance on how to achieve best practice in managing your clubhouse operations.

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    Food & Beverage Workshop

    How to Make the Most of Your Club's Food & Beverage

    “The whole workshop was such a positive experience and opened up all sorts of ideas”

    “A really excellent course that provided very practical no -onsense advice. Crucial for our business to ensure we are maximising our Clubhouse's potential.”

     Food and Beverage - Full Day Workshop

    Key topics will include:

    • Pricing meals
    • Bar gross profit (what should it be?)
    • Franchise or employed catering staff?
    • Cost of staff and the impact of the living wage
    • Stock taking
    • Bar presentation

    Who should attend?

    Key staff and/or volunteers responsible for the food and beverage operations at your golf club e.g:

    • Food & Beverage Manager
    • Steward/Stewardess
    • Bar Manager
    • Chair of House
    • General Manager/Secretary etc.


    New Date:  12th April 2018, London     BOOK HERE


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