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The Golf Education Group

Welcome to the Golf Education Group Course Calendar 

The Golf Education Group, comprising Home Unions and Golf Associations, has worked together to create this website providing a ‘one stop shop’ communicating education and training events for all those working in, aspiring to work in or volunteering in the golf industry.

This website gives you to access to a calendar that shows all of the events being provided by the Home Unions and Golf Associations and allows you to search on individual or multiple members of the group using a colour key.

Click on the View Calendar button and you will find yourself in the most comprehensive list of education events for golf in the UK.  With the option view all events or to search by event type, organiser or presenter you can tailor your results to best suit you.

When you select the event you are interested in a pop up window will appear providing information on the event including the organiser, venue, date and time, event overview, cost of the event, who the presenter is, the number of Continuing Professional Development credits available for attending, whether the event is open to all or members only as well as a map showing the location.

You will be required to register for the website, but you only need do this once. You will be prompted to do this by the appearance of a register window. Once completed, you will be able to access the calendar whenever you wish.

The group is very aware of the diversity of those involved in the running of a golf club and the myriad of skills that are required. The individual members of the group each provide both sector specific and general skills training on a wide range of subjects.